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Friday, October 28, 2016

Heterosis and Green Super Rice (GSR)

Green Super rice. In 2008 Qifa Zhang and colleagues from China proposed “Rice 2020“ as an international call to coordinate research activities aimed at functionally characterizing the rice genome with the eventual goal of creating new varieties of rice with greatly increased yield potential but with less of an environmental footprint—the socalled “green super rice” varieties. The seven main themes of the Rice 2020 International Rice Functional Genomics Project were to (1) develop enabling tools and genetic resources; (2) assign biological functions to every annotated gene; (3) develop systems-wide gene expression profiles, epigenomes, and regulatory networks; (4) perform global analyses of the proteome and protein–protein interactions; (5) enhance bioinformatics platforms for data management and exchange and sharing of information; (6) establish a tool kit for high-throughput knowledge-based rice breeding; and (7) understand and exploit natural variation of O . sativa and its wild relatives. FOODCROPS. HỌC MỖI NGÀY


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