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Monday, May 2, 2011

Progress Monitor- Beijing, China 7-9 September 2009

GREEN SUPER RICE: Dr Jauhar Ali, the GSR coordinator of Asia, has been visited to CAAS in Beijing.

Dr Jauhar Ali, the GSR coordinator of Asia, reported to Dr Zhikang Li and Dr Shaobing Peng the progress of the GSR project in currently conducting in Asia.

During his visit, Dr Ali reported the results of the first and second adaptation trials conducted in IRRI and in various Asia NARES respectively. Dr Ali has been traveling extensively to those Asia target countries between July and August 2009 to monitor the growth of the GSR lines. Dr Ali reported the strength and weaknesses of the existing infrastructures in the target countries, the cultural differences and suggestions of improvements. These information would help the GSR team greatly to design experiments that will be more specific to the countries’ needs.

From October 2009 onwards, Dr Jauhar Ali and Dr Chang-Xiang Mao of the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences will travel to Vietnam, Pakistan, Laos and Sri Lanka to deliver short course trainings on the topic of hybrid rice seed production.



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